1783 NE, 162nd ST, North Miami Beach, FL 33162

MON - FRI: 10AM - 9PM

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providing " all things feminine "

My goal is to  enhance your beauty and build positive relationships with my  clients 

I am very passionate about my work and my career, please be sure to book your appointment with me on your free day OR early morning to ensure that I have enough time and your undivided attention for this slay! I am giving your hair love and care that it needs to maintain this hairstyle. I am stylist that takes her time and does all services the way i would want to be serviced! If you are in a rush please consider rescheduling. Patience is key and is always highly appreciated! Some styles take longer than the others especially when dealing with different textures. So keep that in mind. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO accommodations made if you are late to an event or work. I do not take disrespect lightly, I am a peaceful warrior and will protect my peace at all cost. If I feel uncomfortable, disrespected or in danger I will either, cancel your appointment or ask you nicely to leave. I wouldn't want an angry person in my hair and I ensure to keep my peace while doing what I love.
If you understand these terms of Flourishing with Flourished the Hairstylist please click the link below !

You are responsible for reading the following POLICY when booking your appointment

Please bring CASH ONLY

washed n detangled

- Make sure your hair is washed, dry, detangled and manageable before your appointment. This ensures that i will be able to do your hair effectively.  I will charge a $35 Inconvenience fee[30mins + detangling] if your hair is not in good condition or cancel the appointment altogether depending how severe.


- Make sure you are satisfied with your style before leaving your appointment.

- Understand that their are many different textures to hair, so what may work for you may not work for another. keep this in mind when picking a style and how long you would like your style to last.

- I do not do free touch up's after you leave the chair. you  [must]  book touch ups upon availability.

i do not do dirty hair

- make sure hair is properly cleaned

- I will charge a $35 inconvenience fee

late fee's: 

- 15 Min Grace Period

- over 15mins = late fee $25

- 31 mins late = APPOINTMENT CANCELed

 no exceptions, nor accommodations

Last Minute Appointments
- Must Book an Appointment 48 Hours in Advance
- Text for Emergency Appointment With a $15 Up Charge
lace and weave
If you want to purchase hair at the time of your appointment please be sure to book for a package deal 7 BUSINESS DAYS IN ADVANCE
All lace frontals/ units must be provided 2 days prior to appointment for customizing. Same day customization is an additional $50
* I do not go behind anyone's work 
I am NOT responsible for any damages done to your hair or extensions after you leave my chair. If you do not know how to remove your unit I have hair removal services that comes with an oil treatment to ensure no hair loss