Our products are made to uplift and elivate the mind, body and soul. All of our products are handcrafted, made with positivity and love.

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Founder Dominique Guirand was 17 when her mother was diagnosed with stage 4 Breast Cancer. Months of battling this deadly disease while undergoing chemotherapy and also radiation her mother decided to take a more natural healing approach. While her oldest daughter of 3, watching every foot step her mother would make, she couldn’t have known the imprint she had made in her daughters life. Dominique would watch closely as her grandmother turned into a medicine women gathering leaves and herbs to prepare soups and teas for her mother and she wanted to know more. After witnessing her mother being healed from such a deadly disease Dominique was on a hunt. After Graduating high school, this young girl went to college and immediately went In to study holistic health and the empowerment of women. She studied different herbs and their properties, finding out their medicinal purposes and how they can heal the body. Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions. So with that she began to gather a collection of herbs and Flowers started to make steams. These herbs would potentially heal, replenish, and protect the body. With that she furthered herself into starting her own business named Flourished.Co to help empower women Dominique Guirand wanted women to grow exponentially to their greatest version. Which is how she came about her company and wanting to empower women with her team.

We women sometimes forget our powers. We are Superwomen, with the ability to give life. That is why SELF love is so important. Flourished.Co Products are made with 100% LOVE, and is handcrafted.

Bath & Yoni Steams

Flourished Bath & Yoni Steam are made with hand picked herbs by Flourished herself. All of our herbs and salts are certified organic.



Here at flourished we make a variety of soaps. From liquid soap, bar soap, spiritual soap, specialty soap, and soap designed for blemishes



Flourished body oil is designed to keep you moisturized and glowing.You have a variety  Our 100% Natural body oil's are handmade and packaged with care and love.