• Dominique Giselle

Diamonds between legs of a queen

I am girl transforming into a woman I know my worth, my body is a temple and isn't a place everyone shall enter. I found a guy that I care about so dearly that doesn't know my worth nor his. He doesn't know he is worth more than the girls that want him for his body, like a slave to the pussy he fucks them, to soon later Shove his unmentionables into my temple as I turn the other way. I know I should refuse, I know my worth. So what am I to do with a man that doesn't know his worth, that I care about so dearly? I'm going to show him that I don't care about his body, because with time he will see with his eyes and heart what is real and what is fake. Should I allow my torcher to hand me this remedy? Or should I let this diamond chip away. 

-Dominique Giselle 


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Cat claws

We can't have sex because you don't know me well enough.... You don't know my 4AM voice... The one that hold my feelings and thoughts, and insecurities You don't know my " I had a long day" sigh Th

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