WARNING: Without purchasing the book "EVOW" one may not be able to follow the content verbatim that I am covering within this blog post. This does not mean you will not be able to receive knowledge and enlightenment through my words. Purchasing the book will give you more access to this knowledge then my aspects of the content, love and light everyone.

Self Love:

When reading the first chapter of EVOW, the most important lesson that stood out to me was self love. When you don't love yourself its hard to give love to others. There are many ways to love yourself. From meditating in the morning, yoga, going out into nature, taking a nice relaxing shower, doing fun things like painting, drawings, singing, dancing, while keeping the concept of self love. Words of affirmation is important as well, telling your self loving words, words with positivity, words of encouragement.

This book talks about when god thought of creating man and Woman he said "Let us make man/ woman to our image and likeness" which means to me that before there is race, color, religion and all things that makes the human race feel divided we are 1st godly beings here on this planet for a godly purpose. When we as a human race thinks about self love we HAVE to remember that we are truly godly beings. When it comes to women I feel like it is very important for women to know that we are godly beings due to the fact god has blessed us with the ability to procreate; give life on this planet. Self love in todays society has gone into self care which in my opinion has been masked. How many women wake up in the morning and embrace their natural beauty. I know I didn't... for my 4 years of high school I would wake up and put warrior paint on my face daily thinking that it was the makeup that made Dominique Beautiful. Now I wake up and say my words of affirmation and know that if someone see's me in my godly state not to shy away from it but to embrace it because I am a reflection of a force that is greater than me. Now this is not an easy task but a "Self Love" Task that we as humanity should practice. It will help with tackling the days to come with love.

The book talks about the first man being made from dirt and also that they were created equal. This statement is important because it correlates with african history stating the melanin beings were the first to walk this planet. This statement correlates to the fall of women which starts with the black woman and ends with the asian woman and man. Love is universal, love has no color because we all come from that godly force. We are in the time of the future, like stated in the earlier paragraph before with all these labels of humanity. We are all godly beings and all women are able to reproduce and give life. Women contain's answers to and the secret to man's understanding of himself, but if a woman doesn't know herself, love herself, and also knows what role she wants to play in society, how can she find the man she wants to procreate with? Women are the single most greatest gift to man, and until women can see that for ourselves we will not know how to give love freely.

The first man and woman were god's GREATEST creation. The reason this knowledge is so important is because to correlates with the fall of the Black family home. The home is a structure of love. The black Woman contains a lot of knowledge making here more superior to man in ever aspect except physical strength. Woman are the caregivers of the family and need to protect their men and family as bad as the males should. That is why even though Women are raising children alone, we all should seek the understanding that having both parents are vital. The same way it takes 2 to procreate children is a vital role. Women bring peace through our love and understanding if we choose to be, which is why self love is important especially in the female community. Women are the single most greatest gift to man and until us as women can open our eyes and see that it will be hard to understand OUR true gift. To put this concept into perspective women can give and take life, also love and forgive unconditionally.

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