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EVOW - Enlightened Voice Of Woman

E.V.O.W - The Enlightened Voice of Woman, is a book that holds a vast amount of knowledge, love, and understanding between creation and the role women play within that aspect. This book uses POSITITVITY and LOVE to explain the creation of life using Genesis. The King James Version Of The Bible. This book will enlighten, uplift, and empower your mind through thought. This book allowed me to understand my role as a woman and also how important and vital that role is.Whether that be a Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, Friend ECT; while still knowing myself and loving myself. This book really helped me awaken the GODLY being that was always within myself. This book allowed me to put my guard down to see what improvements I needed to make within my life before looking for, and accepting love into my life. I met Treyvone Love who is an Artist, Creator, and Entrepreneur. We talked about life, women, love, and our generation and where it stands at the ending of 2016. The conversation led to him enlightening me about his father, Explaining his story and also his accomplishments which led him talking about how his father wrote this book called "The Enlightened Voice of Woman."Just from Treyvone talking about the book had me excited to read the book, and lucky Treyvone pulled a copy out. When I first got the book my heart knew I wanted to read it, I just needed the time and place. When I actually began to read the book, I reread over some chapters about 5 times attempting to grasp the true meaning with an open heart and open mind. There is a lot of love in that book explaining the oppression of women and opens a door to a new aspect of a woman's true love and their role in society. After completing the book I fell in love and wanted more. I wanted more Knowledge, more information, and also more insight. I got in contact with the Author of the book EVOW, named Quantae Love. His personality and reasoning for this book was beautiful. The first time speaking to him we talked for 7 hours about his book, and also his insight being a black man watching the oppression of women. His book allowed me to have a physical mental resource to help empower women with my brand to help open minds of women due to the fact that his book allowed me to stop mental oppression with life, love and relationships. This book made me think of being a woman and waiting to find Dominique Giselle before I find the man I wanted to take to god, then focus on who I am as a young girl becoming a woman; and break away from standards all race of women has set upon themselves. For the past 2 years prior to reading this book, my life was changing and I was spiritual looking for the woman I wanted to become. This book was simply a stepping stool especially me turning 21 this April. One of the things that stood out to me about this book is that it quoted with only the first 6 days of the bible. [ The first 6 Days of creation]. Now the purpose of this was not to push ANY beliefs upon any woman but simply to have a greater understand to how important the female role is in society. The bible is the #1 sold book in the world, but where in the world are women not being oppressed? That is just some food for thought. Throughout the book it explains how beautiful love could be if a woman understood that she is gods love and man is simply a child of god. That is why we are able to give birth and procreate and also caregivers. Women have unconditional love and warriors in my eyes; tackling life ,society, violence, while protecting and nurturing their families. I will be posting more blog post and youtube videos reviewing content within this book, I'm excited and I hope you all enjoy this information and insight. I will be putting more information where you all can purchase this book as well !

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