Beautiful Lies

3:42 AM and my escape from everything is ready to rescue me... Weed, papers, pussy, and a mind full of stress, my sweet escape... And it cool we don't have to be nothing, because I know to you it's just another night, smoking another blunt, with another girl. That's fine with me... I was never the one to force feelings but see I feel like I'm living a beautiful lie... This nothing turned into something but it's cool we don't have to be nothing.

I mean sometimes this nothing feels like something, when your staring at me and I'm staring at you.... Deep breaths, long hits, good music.... Damn you caught me at an awful time. I was on my grind, no man in mind, till you caught my eye, and made me look at life with a brighter eye, it kinda makes me wanna stand by ya side, and grind, as if we could go until the end of time.

How silly of me? I know... But it's real, this feeling.... As if I was hit by Cupid and ready for more.

It's kinda like falling from a high building, your falling endlessly and part of you feels like your gonna hit paradise and then reality greets you at the floor... It's like I want this... For it to be an us, built on loyalty and trust, filled with love, a side of communication and lots of understanding.But I've been here before and I don't want to hurt no more. And I peep your sneaky shit, I just shit back and think there is no real winning, no real beginnings, just keep going and stay focused... It's cool.

Lol I'd be so good to you, and you don't even know it... But it's up on you...

Damn you, stay on my mind like all the time, so every night I end up at your door. The weed is sparked, stress released, mind is calm, and let's not forget my favorite part. Hope that's cool.

Cause I'm really not trying to impose, but I suppose that I'm suppose to be here with you... But it's cool we don't gotta be nothing.

Even nothing is something, It's on you... Cause I'm cool.

And I'm not gonna front, I know it's hard to trust, and now a days everyone loves fucking up. But some days i know I can put some trust in us and yes I've been wrong before but this time, I know for sure... but it's cool

If that is fine with you

That is fine with me to.... I'm cool

we don't even have to be nothing.

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