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The inner girl's prayers

Lord please send me the right one

I don't like asking you for much because your guidance has brought me here

But please send me the right one

Please send Someone I can put my all into...

Someone I can love unconditionally...

with no limitations

Someone I can be vulnerable with

Someone that will give me purposely

Someone that can BE my calm...

Because lord we both know that when my horns go up and all I see is red, I don't any harm

Lord send a man...

One of his word, along with his honesty

I know we will be great lord, I'm not perfect but... But the type of love I want, and effort I'm willing to put in him ... Lord I know we will be great

I will love him lord... pray with him lord

Support him, be his rib

Just as you state ...lord

I will nurture him

Lord send me my best friend...

The person I can confine in

Someone I won't mind spending the rest of my life with...

Lord every person that walks this earth was Created devinly with yohur touch but only you know which one will give me a reason to love

So send him lord

May 19th , 2017

- Dominique Giselle


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