The key to lose

I see through you, but do you see me?

Do you see the real me

The person no one believes i can be

I see your dreams, your goals, but do you see me?

The woman In pursuit with goals n dreams

I know I'm young but I have the vision

And If you not ridin, I'm not ridin

So I have to ask

Did I lose you?

Will I have you, when I have it all

When I gain the award for my struggles and we don't have to be a mystery after all

But at that moment will I be worth it?

Because I gambled my trust with you

And I feel like I'm sinking

So I hope I didn't lose me, trying not to lose you

We got the chemistry but can we keep it?

I mean i'm trynna go the distance

But I have to be honest with myself and take ownership of this road

I just hope I didn't lose you.

And most of all I hope I didn't lose me looking for the real you.

Dominique Giselle

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