The love phase

You don't know how deep your words can cut me open and leave me wounded

But still I heal my wounds and run to you like my remedy for this inflicting pain called love

At first I ran from this thing called love

Time and time again in-denial with my conflicted feelings

But with time I learned - that "love" doesn't make what we have unreal

So with time I learned to have love for you without falling in love with you

But see I could never tell you these things

I didn't want to scare you away with this word called love

It only means I care about you, think about you, even pray about you

Hoping we could grow off this feeling and giving off this energy called love

That best friend love

See you everyday, wanna talk to you every hour type love

At some point I feel like our energy was a drug

And I was fully addicted and not ready for rehab type love

I don't want this thing to spiral out of control

So let's teach each other how to love

Teach me how to love you the way you want to be loved

So I can teach you how I want to be loved

I don't want to make a mistake with you

So when this verb turns into truth I can breath with ease and say "yes I love you"

And we can grow into the phase called

F a l l i n g.

Dominique Giselle

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