War zone

You say it's emotional, I say it's real feelings

we're in the ring, going round for round blow for blow...

As if all this time doesn't stand and show....

But there is something going on...

And we're scared to look for the cure

Scared that maybe it's something one of us can't bare no more.

See you say you know me, but that doesn't seem to be the case

You take my kindness for weakness then still try to play cowardly games

As if generic was my grade

I mean I know I'm not the same

You should've known a queen was hard to tame

I want someone who thinks I'm beautiful

and when I say that I mean who really thinks I'm beautiful...

So when my sweat pants, t shirt and no makeup days don't add up you just take a scoop of my mind, heart, and soul and

And say "baby you amaze me"

I want someone who wants to dip me in diamonds and gold

I want all that you have to bring to the table

Because i wanna know your able

But this is just starting to feel like a fable

You think you own my time and I'm here to tell you It's not capable

To waste my days, so entertained in your ways

While you sit and play games, causing me so much pain.

See I need you to understand there are men ready to crown me there queen and show me the way.

So before you decide to turn the other shoulder and let this good love fade away.

Remember who is laying in your bed.

And that someday everyone grows tired

And simply walks away.

Dominique Giselle

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