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We all fake it

I really want to be with you

I want it bad, though you can't tell

But everyday I see myself healing from past pain... pain that no one can feel nor dwell.

Your silence kills me.

Long days, and restless nights fawn.

Now the more I fall, i seem to cry puddles some days even ponds.

With every bullet lodged in my back I learn to love myself, and to heal

So I can be happy for you

Love is happiness over tears

I don't know how to feel sometimes

And sometimes I wonder if this feeling is real

Do you know that I've broke behind your eyes....In secret

That I cry real tears

It's in my tone, my moan, the pains in my smile

I know you can't save me

You can't see my eyes telling you to save me while I hit that unapologetic smile.

- Dominique Giselle


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