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1st black owned doula service center + spa

" If you're not Flourishing, then what are you doing ? "


OUR Story

     The Flourished Company was founded February 18,2017 By Dominique Guirand. Flourished started as a women empowerment Platform. Flourished hosted a multitude of different Women Empowerment circles and healing events to bring the community together. Flourished hosted women empowerment circles in Miami, Atlanta, New York and Texas, while developing a sense of community and healing. Dominique always had a grand vision for the company and wanted to be able to offer more to women around her. In 2019 Dominique became certified as a Holistic Doula. With much support from her peers and community over the next 3 years Dominique also known as “Domo the Doula” would be known on a national level as Doula, while providing more knowledge, service, value and resources to her clients and mothers across the world. In 2020 Dominique started the Branding for Flourished with logo illustration from Reyna Noriega building a concept of healing and women empowerment. In February 2020, Dominique opened the “ Flourished Garden" at the Yellow Green Farmers Market. The Shop consisted of handmade soap, butters, body oils and also healing tools such as sages, incense and candles.
In 2021 The Flourished Company was officially registered with the State of Florida. And in April of 2021 Dominique was featured in Essence Magazine as # 3 out of 9 Doulas Black women in the US should know about. By the End of April 2021, Dominique found the first home of Flourished also known as “ The Flourished Spa and wellness center”. What makes Flourished different from your average Spa, Salon, or Doula Service Center is our level of customer service and care for our customers. We make it our job to make sure our clients and customer’s needs are fulfilled to the highest capacity. Flourished is a safe space and a home to many young women, mothers, families and healers in our local community. Flourished would be known as an “ all things feminine Spa” offering a multitude of services from waxing, massages, Doula services and even acupuncture. By standing as the First Black owned Doula Service Center we pride ourselves in being able to offer a full spectrum of services. In January of 2022, Dominique closed “ The Flourished Garden “ to focus more on the storefront and our online storefront. 
      These past three years at our first location have been extremely impactful to the South Florida community. From an influx of Doula Clients and also new aspiring Doulas on the rise, The Flourished Spa, North Miami Beach Location definitely changed how women view health care and self care services and practices. From full spectrum Massage services to Yoni Steam and postpartum Steam services as well. The Flourished Spa provides a variety of services to help heal and restore the body. Now after 3 Years growing in the North Miami Beach area as the First Black owned Doula Service center + Spa. We got here today by maintaining the integrity of our customers and the quality of our service and products.  With all the love and support we are happy to say this Fall Flourished will be moving into our New Home located in North Miami on West Dixie Highway.


Our mission here is to empower women, mothers and families across the world while uplifting the mind, body and soul. Our mission is to provide knowledge, resources, services, and products that are designed and serviced at a high quality level. Our mission here at flourished is to provide a safe space for our customers to enjoy full spectrum spa services while still catering to expecting mothers. Our goal entails building enduring and rewarding relationships with our clients and community, through knowledge, wellness and superior service. Here at Flourished we try our best to work as a community to uplift the people around us.

OUR Motto

" if you're not flourishing then what are you doing ? "

OUR Values

Here at Flourished we value integrity, ambition, equality, individuality, and good customer service. Here at Flourished we value being the change, we would like to see in our communities. We value a sense of family. We value our team, organization and customers. Our people are our most important asset.

We want women to have a voice & to shed positivity & light regardless of race, ethnicity, nor religion while elevating ourselves & the women around us

Let’s Work Together

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