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EVOW: Chapter 2 - W.O.M.A.N [Part: 1]

WARNING: Without purchasing the book "EVOW" one may not be able to follow the content verbatim that I am covering within this blog post. This does not mean you will not be able to receive knowledge and enlightenment through my words. Purchasing the book will give you more access to this knowledge then my aspects of the content, love and light everyone.


Since a child I would always wonder why becoming a woman came with so many responabilities. Having to deliver babies, cooking, cleaning, taking care of the family ECT. These are some of the social standards women hold in this day in age. The book EVOW talks about woman or you being of a higher vibration, created from the love GOD had for man. We were created and put here for a far more greater task than man, and should't attempt to compare the 2. The divine feminine energy is beautiful and almost reaching the age of 21 could I fully see that. The task to nurture, love, and protect a family that you have created out of Self Love with your partner if something not to be scared or intimidated of, but something that should be taken with honor. The book talks about being created of complete love, taken from a man and formed to perfection proving that women were born FLAW - LESS * Beyonce Voice*.



The place where humanity comes from will forever be unknown until death greets us, but what we do know is that women have the beautiful ability to procreate ; give life. Whether we as women accept or reject this gift we are born with this ability and the tool to do it. Proving that we were born with far more responsibilities making self love VERY important. The Book EVOW talks about the word GIFT being a label God placed upon women or you. Women contain eternal love to man. So once you have loved yourself to your fullest capabilities finding and loving a man to procreate a family will be a breeze. Now I'm not saying life is all about just finding a man and making a family because it's not. The true beauty of life is finding TRUE love within yourself. Searching for what serves you and what doesn't. What defines you and what destroys you. When finding my self love I found dualilty and I had to differentiate the two, and decided WHO I wanted to be. That is why I tell women to "Flourish" we are flowers sent from god; growing, changing, developing rapidly.

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