SLAVERY IN 2017 - African Crisis

* I am not an Activist; I am simply doing what is right! Speaking up for my Melanin queens, Melanin kids of the future and also our Melanin Kings. I love and support all races and all walks of life. As me being the CEO and Founder of Flourished.Co I want all people; Customers; Sponsors and members to know that Flourished.Co loves, supports and also accepts all walk of life and takes pride in empowering ALL women, elevating the mind, body and soul. As a human race we need to over stand the injustice this world and their "Leaders" are putting on the melanated beings of this planet. The Melanated people of Africa have helped humanity domesticate their animals, built monumental structures and lets not forget were forced into building crops/Farms, railroads, and also help raise their Slave owners families. DISCLAIMER: A melanated being doesn't have to be an "African American" BUT one with Carbonated Melanin in their DNA. *

- Dominique Giselle | 1/5/2018

On November 19,2017 CNN released an article "Sale of Mirgrants as Slaves in Lybia Causes Outrage in Africa and Paris" with the way information is concealed in the USA I was utterly surprised when CNN touched on the topic. This article motivated me to touch on this topic and address our black communities across the USA. This is a "WAKE UP CALL" to our sleeping queens and kings and also the children [ The future of ManKind ]. Lybia which is in North Africa has been a battle Field this past year Dividing into 3 Fractions:

- A lacking internationally back Government in Tripoli

- A dictatorship of Islamist [ Conservative of politics and Religion ] also in Triploi

- A Anti Islamist Government in the East

Since the Arab Spring uprising in 2011 ended and ruler of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi was removed, Libya's Coast has became a main point for human trafficking and smuggling. Just because as a nation we don't see this human destruction happening in our daily lives doesn't mean we can't stand up and make a change. Everything counts and it all starts with awareness. People from Libya have been illegally migrating to Europe since 2014. The sale of African migrants as "Slaves" in the North African Nation cause outrage promoting positive protest in central Paris with unruly french police officers. Hundreds of young protectors, stood in front of the Libyan Embassy in Central Paris chanting and hold signs " Free Our Brothers" ; " Put an End to SLavery." Migrants in Libya were being Auctioned off in the Libyan Capital Tripoli.

French police officers tear gassed the protectors trying to " disperse the rally" Showing the Community they don't have their support. The Chairman of the African Union Commission and the Foreign Minister of Chad called the auctions "Despicable." There was a report in April of 2017 that West African Migrants were being sold in modern day slave markets and it was also reported in May of 2017. It concerns me that public matters are happened under the eye of humanity and government officials and doing little to none to abolish it. There are about 7000,000 to one Million migrants in Libya and more than 2,000 of them have died at sea this year. The people of Libya are attempting to flee from armed conflict, Persecution, Severe Economic Hardship, Slavery, Domestic Violence, Rape and ETC. Lets not mention the overcrowded Detention centers ran by smugglers on the Libyan coastline doing forced labor, sexual abuse, and torture. There are to many government balls, pageants, weddings and events that happen effectively with the proper security for the government leaders to not take IMMEDIATE action and take control. As far as the African Community and also the Melanated people of the world, WE MUST FIGHT ! we must stand up as a family and demand everything that was ours in the first place ! Respect; money, opportunity, health and freedom. It is no longer about integrating with white supremacy and following the "New World Order" but to bring things back to the basic's and gain control and build power over our strong and gifted people. WE HAVE THE FORCE!

DOMINIQUE GISELLE CEO & Founder of Flourished.Co 1/5/2018

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