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Cat claws

We can't have sex because you don't know me well enough.... You don't know my 4AM voice... The one that hold my feelings and thoughts, and insecurities You don't know my " I had a long day" sigh The one I make when I'm damn nearly want to give up You don't know how my thighs shake when I'm really nervous and vulnerable We can't have sex because I'm not ready to crave you yet... No I'm not talking about craving the kisses, lingering fingers and deep thrusts but craving your mind, time and thoughts You don't know the look in my eyes when I'm in fear, or when I'm just dazing at you because I'm hungry for intellectual conversation We can’t have sex because you don’t know me well enough... To want to hold me like your queen and eat me like you're last supper, while I scream to the heavens your name, then crawling your way up to shower me with kisses while you thrust lightening into my temple charging my body making fiery magic. While we then lay, so I can feed you knowledge about the unmentionable things while you drift off to sleep. This Sex magic will never be attained because you simply don't know me well enough. 

- Dominique Giselle 

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