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Diamonds between legs of a queen

I am girl transforming into a woman I know my worth, my body is a temple and isn't a place everyone shall enter. I found a guy that I care about so dearly that doesn't know my worth nor his. He doesn't know he is worth more than the girls that want him for his body, like a slave to the pussy he fucks them, to soon later Shove his unmentionables into my temple as I turn the other way. I know I should refuse, I know my worth. So what am I to do with a man that doesn't know his worth, that I care about so dearly? I'm going to show him that I don't care about his body, because with time he will see with his eyes and heart what is real and what is fake. Should I allow my torcher to hand me this remedy? Or should I let this diamond chip away. 

-Dominique Giselle 

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