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Nipple Waxing

I know what you are thinking .....

​Nipple waxing? Yes!

​Actually it is usually hair around the nipple area and NOT directly on the nipple.

" First and foremost, if you're having this problem take a second, breathe and relax, because you are certainly not the only one. About 30 percent of women report having hair around their nipples , and it's considered "normal" (though what, really, is "normal" these days) to have anywhere from 2 to 15 hairs growing around your nipple at a time.​ "

I know this can be embarrassing. Over the years I have had many customers that have been coming to me for a long time finally get up the courage to ask if I can remove the hair around their nipples. Some have a lot and some have a little. Either way it needs to go! The easiest and fastest way is to wax them off.



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