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The Benefits of Adoptions

Adoption benefits everyone in the adoption triad. Many of the benefits are helpful to the birthmother and birthfather. Other benefits come to the child who is being placed for adoption and/or adoptive parents. Adoption can bring a positive ending to a problematic situation and can benefit everyone involved. One of the first things many birthmothers or birth fathers are thinking about is finishing school or going off to college.  It is possible to parent a child and continue your education, but some birth parents find it easier to continue schooling after placing for adoption.

Benefits for Birthmother and Birthfather

Housing assistance may be availableCounseling and supportThe opportunity to pursue your goals and dreams, whether educational, travel or careerThe opportunity to make the goals and dreams that you have for your child come truePrenatal and delivery expenses covered as neededA superior choice of doctors and staffThe ability to choose a family for your child based on your personal preferences and the opportunity to get to know them personallyAccess to a support group of birth mothers who will share their experiences with youAccess for members of your family to receive counseling/support servicesAll legal expenses and attorney fees will be paid for youThe opportunity to bring happiness to others that they would not experience without youHappiness that comes from knowing that the adoptive parents are aware that you love your baby enough to secure his or her happiness

Benefits for the Child

The love and support of adoptive parents who are emotionally and financially equipped to parentThe kind of home environment and family life that you desire for your childA two-parent home that might also include one or more brothers and/or sistersPhysical resources and provisions that might not otherwise be financially possibleA greater chance for a good education and opportunity to attend college

Benefits for the Adoptive Family

Experience the joy and blessing of adding a child to their familyOpportunity to observe and experience aspects of pregnancy and related experiences that would not otherwise be possibleAbility to experience what it is like to raise a child



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